Peakside certifies property portfolio  in the BREEAM system

Peakside certifies property portfolio in the BREEAM system

Peakside Capital Advisors, a developer and asset manager of warehouse properties, has achieved two BREEAM IN-USE certifications at the "Very Good" level for over 50,000 square meters of warehouse-office space at Logistics Point Raszyn and Logistics Point Piaseczno. The attained rating results from the successful modernization of fully commercialized logistic centers near Warsaw. The quality enhancement initiatives are in accordance with Peakside's business strategy - Value Add.

"We are pleased that the modernization of Logistics Point Raszyn and Logistics Point Piaseczno has led to obtaining BREEAM IN-USE certificates at the 'Very Good' level. We achieved this result within just two years of their acquisition. Our team continues to work intensively on implementing changes in facilities that have been in the warehouse market for years. As investors, but also as asset managers of these properties, we are proud of the certification achieved, as well as the level of satisfaction of our tenants, confirmed by the full commercialization of these two parks," says Bożena Kaczanowska-Tajan, Asset Manager at Peakside Capital Advisors in Poland.

Peakside, as an expert in assessing opportunities and conducting value-enhancing activities for properties, defines compliance with the principles of sustainable development as a key factor influencing the value of every building. The right approach to environmental impact and natural resource issues, as well as resulting savings for tenants, can determine the success of an investment.

- We are focusing on a "Value Add" strategy based on leasing, redevelopment, expansion, and enhancing the quality of properties in terms of ESG. We aimed to obtain BREEAM certification for the parks in Raszyn and Piaseczno, as the ESG strategy is at the forefront of our investment concept. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and establishing long-term cooperation with tenants. Our individual approach and skillful asset management have resulted in improved relationships with users of the facilities, as well as double-digit rental value growth, said Michal Nawrot, Head of Investments CEE Peakside Capital Advisors.

Logistics Point Raszyn is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, just 12 km from the city center. The park consists of two warehouse buildings with a total GLA of 31,000 sqm. Logistics Point Piaseczno comprises two warehouse facilities with a total GLA of 25,000 sqm. The park is situated near national road No. 79 and the railway station in Nowa Iwiczna, only 16 km south of the city center. The modernization of the facilities was carried out while tenants maintained complete comfort and business-operational activity. The works included optimizing water consumption and replacing lighting, resulting in approximately 220 MWh of annual electricity consumption savings. Additionally, fire safety was enhanced, pedestrian communication was improved, and interiors were refreshed. Furthermore, a green relaxation area for employees was established. In the coming years, the pace of introduced changes will be maintained, long with new solutions in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Logistics Point Raszyn, along with Logistics Point Piaseczno and City Point Targówek, is part of the real estate portfolio acquired by Peakside and Partners Group in early 2022. After the completed modernization of all facilities, the portfolio will provide the market with approximately 150,000 sqm of modern logistics space.

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